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JasonWhitefeather"At first the vision was wonderful. He ran with the horses and became
one with them. He saw faces of those he knew and loved. They shared the joys of the hunt and riding freely on and on.


Suddenly, it had slammed shut with blackness. He thought that this was the end of the vision and his quest was over. He would be called Runs with Horses; he was happy. But the blackness would not go away."


Now is the time to go on a family adventure with your new Kindle. Download Montana author Dan King’s latest young adult ebook from Amazon. Jason and Whitefeather is the story of an awkward pre-teen boy’s journey through middle school. For Jason, the adventure all starts on a typical family vacation to Monument Valley. He sets out on a walk with his cat, and stumbles on a opening in the mountain sealed off from human eyes for a hundred years. Unbeknownst to him, the clay jar he discovers in the dark recesses of the cave, is inhabited by the spirit of Whitefeather. Breaking the seal, Jason unknowingly releases the spirit warrior and embarks on a new journey of both mystery and self-discovery. Jason and Whitefeather will be a great addition to your elibrary.


sneak preview: "THE GOLDEN BEAR"


Coming soon. Dan's New book, "The Golden Bear"...


"It was quiet, an eerie silence against the noise of the previous day. The tall handsome man known as Gabriel rose to address the remaining of his Kohanim companions. They sat at a large round table, the walls catching their flickering shadows created by the candle light in the room. The air was heavy, touched with the smell of smoke from the outside fires. The smell of the smoke drowned out the usual scent of the sandle wood incense so familiar to the temple."


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