"Dan King presents a swiftly consumable plot with likable characters in this "feel good" read blending Indian and contemporary culture. The book depicts scenes and emotions in a purposefully simplistic, yet colorful style, agreeable with grade- school aged youths. The action moves rapidly, rarely bogging down, sometimes shifting scenes a little abruptly,yes, but tempered by a sense of youthful excitement. This little book sets its hook especially into the youngsters of today who need legitimate self-worth and a sense of imagination focused on our American west culture, as opposed to the exhaustive exposure they already have of vampires, gore, and the saturated "dark side" of literature."

~Gary Vinson of Kalispell, MT


"Thanks for the card about your book. I downloaded it onto my iphone and just finished reading it. It was splendid, and I really enjoyed it. I mentioned your book to my Literary Salon meeting at the library on Tuesday, and they wanted you to come and talk about it."

~Lloyd Roberts of San Bernardino, CA


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